Membership Facts and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does it all work exactly?

Pay the annual membership fee of $29 to gain access to the amazing benefits of studio membership. This fee covers the vetting and member management process, allowing us to confirm all members are legit. Since members are vetted in advance, they can just book and pay for what they need at the members only price. Members can also purchase packages for even greater savings!  Lastly, members get exclusive perks such as last minute scheduling and independent studio time via remote door access through the studio app!

I heard insurance is required to rent. Is that true?

Yes that is true. We would love to have you in our amazing Invisible Ink Community, however we require at a minimum that all members carry 1,000,000 in business liability coverage and be able to show proof prior to renting. This basic insurance doesn’t just keep me safe, it protects you and your clients and is a cornerstone for being on the up and up with your business. If you need further insight please check out this topic as well as these other amazing free legal resources for photographers, from my friends over at This website is an awesome resource if you are just getting started in the biz!

I’m already a member. Do I really save if I purchase a package?

Yes, please reference package pricing if you want to reminisce about high school math. Just kidding! Member dollars saved are based on the scenario where the same amount of time was booked by a non-member at non-member weekday rates. Savings are actually greater compared to weekend rates as packages don’t differentiate between weekday and weekend Rentals. Member rates are locked in for the specified rental term. Non-member prices however are subject to change at any time.

I’m a member with a weekend warrior package, but the date I need is already booked?

Weekend warrior package is just a catchy name for the smallest package and in no way implies or guarantees that time slots will be available on the weekends. Time slots are booked on a first come first serve basis. If you require a specific date please book in advance. If you need to book something last minute please call us directly to check availability.

What if I need more time?

If your Rental period will extend beyond the hours of your reservation, you must check with us ASAP to ensure you won’t be impeding on another booking. Additional hours can be added at the members only rate of $35 per hour on weekdays and $45 per hour on weekends, pending availability. Also, if approved your app access will be updated to reflect the new end-time, so you can lock up when you leave.

What if I don’t want a membership, but I still want to rent?

Then I would seriously question your math skills. Just kidding! Membership ensures that all renters are legitimate professional business people with the proper licensing and insurance, which protects not only myself but other members and our customers. Still declining membership? No problem! You still have to meet all the requirements and will pay non-member pricing, as I will need to remain onsite during your rental. Lastly, I can refuse your rental at my discretion if it doesn’t work with my schedule.

Non-Member Pricing

$60 per hour weekdays (2 hour minimum)

$75 per hour weekends (2 hour minimum)

$250 per half day or $350 per full weekday

$350 per half day or $500 per full weekend day

Any others details I should know about?

You are only allowed to use the space during your reserved Rental period. Please allow enough time for setup/clean up within your Rental period. 50% of the total Rental rate is required as a non-refundable retainer in order to confirm and hold your reservation. The remaining 50% of the Rental fee plus any applicable refundable cleaning/damage deposits are due 5 days prior to the beginning of the Rental period.

Cancelling a confirmed booking will result in the following charges:
All payments are eligible for refund less the 50% non-refundable retainer at 5 days or more prior to Rental date. No refunds will be issued at less than 5 days to Rental date. Renters can always request to reschedule for another date if available.

Company reserves the right to refuse ANY renter at its sole discretion.